One Globe Kids in the Media


"Be Globe Smart in the diverse globalized 21st century"

May 2016: One Globe Kids earned an Academics' Choice Award for Smart Media !

" ... to instill a greater sense of global community among children and help to start eliminating the fear of “foreign-ness”

Febuary 2016: Red Tricycle published Hit the Road, Apps! 10 Virtual Ways to Explore the Planet and One Globe Kids can be found as #10!

"Today's app shows how kids live around the world"

January  2016: Librarian Carissa Christner shared One Globe Kids on App Picks For Kids on WMTV15.


"Though plenty of other awesome apps are out there, kids should play these at least once"

January 2016: Common Sense Media included One Globe Kids in their list of "50 apps all children should play at least once in their life". 


"From Fearful to Globe Smart"

October 25th, 2015: Anne Glick spoke at TEDxEde about why being Globe Smart matters and why she makes One Globe Kids.  

6  awesome apps for Social Studies. Upgrade your curriculum with these top-notch downloads.

Summer  2015: Scholastic shared One Globe Kids with teachers as one of 6 best Social Studies apps. 


"15 fun, beautiful and educational apps for the summer."

Summer  2015: The Dutch "Mijn Kind Online"  includes us in their list of Apps for the Summer.  


"Put the world in your child's hands with this safe, fun and interactive app. .... Easy for non-readers to navigate using icons and audio to listen to the story."

2014: One Globe Kids made it to the 'Top 9 travel apps for kids list' of Family Traveller Magazine.  


"If you were to turn your apps into instructional apps, I think you would find that the market is hungry for what you have to provide."

December 2014: an app evaluation by Balefire Labs, unlike any other we ever had, in a good way, on a tech and instructional level.  

"50 AWESOME apps for Teachers. Upgrade your curriculum with these top-notch downloads."

October 2014: we were picked one of 50 apps that the Scholastic community considers their favorites for elementary classrooms! 

Visit The Empathy Library and let us know how you like One Globe Kids!

September 2014: proud to be part of the Empathy Library,inspiring books and films to spark a global empathy revolution.


Please review One Globe Kids and Globe Smart Education 1 on the website of Edshelf, we would love to hear and learn!

September 2014: you can find and rate us now in Edshelf



"Overall, this app provides an ideal starting point for lessons on global citizenship, diversity and human geography."

September 2014: a 5 star rating voor One Globe Kids 1 by the Educational App Store in the UK



"KinderTown loves the pictures and voices of the children included in the app as they share different aspects of their everyday life."

September 2014: rated top 4 Childhood Adventure Apps by Kindertown


"One of the Best Apps We've Ever Reviewed."

August 2014: another raving review by Kids App Central



"One Globe Kids has been named a Re-Imagine Learning Challenge Pacesetter for it's efforts to transform the way the world learns."

July 2014: find our entry on the website of Ashoka Changemakers #play2learn


"Very young kids may have a hard time understanding just how wide the world is. These titles can help them learn that the world is bigger than their own neighborhood or city."

June 2014: Proud to have One Globe Kids featured in the Common Sense Summer Learning Guide.


" This app can be an ideal way to bring the general topics of geography and world culture down to a personal level."

May 2014: A 4 star (!) review by Graphite, the platform for educators to find the best apps, games, and websites for the classroom.

"Stories, beautiful photos help kids build global awareness."

May 2014: Great review by Commons Sense Media and included in their list of Apps and Websites for Empathy.

"Great online tools for in the classroom."

March 2014: The NOB (Organization for Dutch schools outside of The Netherlands) included One Globe Kids in their list of great ICT tools for Dutch education abroad. (Online Friends) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

"This means that it provides a safe interactive environment for kids."

March 2014: One Globe Kids has been certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

"This app has so many possibilities when thinking about opening up the world to our children."

March 2014:One Globe Kids received a 5-star rating from Smart Apps for Kids! (In 3 years only 55 apps have received this score from them)

"We aim to continue recognizing the finest in the educational app industry by awarding our Certified badge of distinction to Apps and Developers that stand out among the rest. The apps are top-notch and classroom worthy, and the developers have proven themselves over and over again."

January 2014:One Globe Kids certified by Teachers with Apps

"We’re finding it’s one of those apps our kids bring up later, remembering the stuff they’ve learned and wanting to discuss it with us. Awesome."

New Years Eve 2013: One Globe Kids awarded Best Pick of 2013 by Cool Mom Tech

"It definitely would come in handy for a school project."

October 2013: Appolocious Review on AppoLearning and a great score which landed us in the Top 5 Apps for Elementary schools!

"Spin the Globe and learn about real children around the world"

October 2013: Educational Apps 4 Sale Book list

"... an amazing, interactive experience for kids who don't have the chance to travel the globe, all right on your PC or iPhone."

October 2013: Cool review by Cool Mom Tech!

"One Globe Kids has found a unique and undiscovered niche in the educational market and we think that they are onto something BIG!"

October 2013: Raving review by Teachers with Apps!

"My dream is that it will make kids look at everyone equally."

September 2013 via the Global Connection Newsletter for expats all over the world

"The Know What's Inside logo is a signal to parents that your app is designed with privacy in mind. We care about parents and kids enjoying technology together. We have committed to tell you how our apps work, so you know what to expect."

August 2013: One Globe Kids is a member of MOMs with Apps!

"Currently, there are two beautiful ebooks created by One Globe Kids that do a very good job introducing the concept of empathy through the iPad. .... Hopefully there will be more to come from this excellent developer."

May 2013 in the book Toddlers on Technology

"There is a large demand for what OGK offers, i.e. the opportunity to introduce children to the world from the comfort of their own home/school."

April 2012 in online magazine Science of the Time

"The One Globe Kids stories help kids look through the media noise and recognize the small things that make us all the same."

June 2011 in  Trendmanagzine Second Sight




IB World Schools and digital experts made a list with the Best of the Web. The result is 20 sites (and 4 apps) every teacher should bookmark. One Globe Kids is #20!

May 2011 on the IBO website