One Globe Kids Team

It Takes a Global Village...

Besides the children and their families from around the globe that are featured in One Globe Kids, this series would not exist without the collaboration of a fabulous group of international parents (mostly, anyway).  While each member has a particular speciality and focus, together we are committed to sharing our world with younger generations in a way that promotes cultural understanding and openness.

Please meet the co-founders of Globe Smart Kids below and check out the rest of the Globe Smart Kids team here!

Anne K. Glick - The Netherlands

Anne is a writer, photographer and mom to three young boys.  She has lived and worked overseas for seven years (and counting), specialized in program management, social marketing and microfinance.   She loves poking around local markets, collecting art and recipes from around the world, and grassroots development.  After searching in vain for books that would introduce her then pre-school age son to real children from other countries and the similarities between their lives and his own, she decided to make her own series, starting with the places that she and her international friends know best. 

Sanny Zuiderveld - USA

Sanny, an engineer, has been a One Globe Kids fan from the very beginning. She was born in the Netherlands and met Anne when she had just moved to New York City. With all the options the city has to offer, Sanny tries to raise a dancing daughter of the iPad-generation with a broad world perspective. Besides being on the One Globe Kids team, she works freelance, partnering in Europe with creative strategy firm BeBright, as a moderator, researcher and writer to help individuals and organizations to prepare for what’s next. With her background in technology, (future) user and consumer behavior, she takes on our long-term perspective and marketing communication.